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Our Christmas Party! 圣诞晚会!


It was a lot of hard work, but such a blessed night we all had. We started off with Michelle and a couple of our volunteers fixing our girl’s hair and nails. Actually, it’s kind of funny, but we see men have their hair done more fancy than the women here. So, to stay with Chinese culture, we let the boys get their hair done too.

Mommy with her strong boys…all 22 of them!

Daddy with his beautiful baby girls…all 15 of them!

img_8473 After everyone was beautified, we lined up to walk to the restaurant for our Christmas Dinner! For the first couple years our housemothers cooked a nice meal at our house. However, now that our Christmas party reaches over 70 people (which included our children, staff and friends), we go out to eat!

Below are some pictures of the kids with their roommates:

Room 5 boys ranging in ages from 10-12 years old.


Room 6 boys ranging in ages from 14-15years old.


Room 8 boys ranging in ages from 4-10 years old.


Room 17 girls ranging in ages from 8-12 years old.


Room 18 girls ranging in ages from 13-16 years old.


Our boys from left to right: Eli, Jaxin and Tyler.


After our wonderful meal and all the pictures were taken, we started our Christmas program. Chinese people love talent shows and are quite gifted. I love no matter where I am, whether it be the park, school, grocery store or even in the hospital, we hear people walking around singing. It just shows no matter where you are in life, nor the trouble that may come, we should have joy!
Michelle and I, along with Jessica )who is our translator), read out of the book of John, explaining the reason for the season. Then the Zhang family (our good friends pictured below) brought us a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!



Jaxin, Eli and Tyler, along with their teacher and his daughter, performed “Silent Night”.


This was followed by our 5th and 6th graders doing a drama about remembering the reason for the season. Each object thought Christmas was about them, until the candle came and shined a light on what each objects true purpose was for.

img_8897 img_8901

All our kids either sang or danced as you can see above and below.

img_8903 img_8899

img_8891 img_8905

Michelle and I even joined in on the fun by swing dancing!


Then, the time that all the kids were patiently waiting for…PRESENTS!!!

Lift Us Up

The town of Pingyu wants to become a city. There are several steps that they have to do for this to happen. One of those steps is beautifying our city. One of the beautification steps is redoing the river walkway and enlarging the current lake that sits right behind our home. The bad news about this is that they will be relocating the families around the lake and tearing down their homes. This was not the Christmas cheer we wanted to hear or ever expected to hear. We are now in a scramble to find a place suitable for our home. Below are some drawings from our kids. When our son Eli heard the news, he drew the bottom picture with all the kids. Anna drew the other picture a few years ago when we finished the construction of our new girls wing to our building. Please keep us and all the other families being relocated in your thoughts. As of right now, all we now is that this will happen sometime 2017. One of the troubling things about this is the day before Christmas we heard of a 6 year old boy who needs help and even during our Christmas dinner, we found out about a 5 year old boy who needs help. How can we bring in a child who we promise to care for, for the next 15-20 years, when we don’t even know where we will live in 6 months? Please lift us up with this, because the need is great and we do not want to turn away a needy child.