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Christmas Preparations


It was Abby’s turn to place the STAR on top of the tree!

Decorating our Tree!

IMG_5645 IMG_5644
DSC_0167 DSC_0151


DSC_0187DSC_0277Eli(our middle son) and Aaron
DSC_0259DSC_0256 Graham and Patch
DSC_0250DSC_0248Danny and Joey
DSC_0246DSC_0244Chris and Lester
DSC_0241DSC_0239Zoey and Wendy
DSC_0238DSC_0234Sarah and Emma
DSC_0230DSC_0228Crystal and Becca
DSC_0226DSC_0223Eddy and Jaxin (our eldest son)
DSC_0222DSC_0217Hollie and Gabe
DSC_0216DSC_0213Robby and Anna
DSC_0212DSC_0211Debbie and Kelly
DSC_0207DSC_0206Thomas and Noah
DSC_0203DSC_0199Sammy and Ellie
DSC_0201DSC_0195Jake and Frank
DSC_0196DSC_0189Dana and Davey
DSC_0191DSC_0186Abby and Catina
DSC_0184DSC_0181Tammy and Gene
DSC_0178Tyler(our youngest son)


Welcoming in our newest son, Wally (Yan Chengcheng)!

IMG_6098 We were contacted by the local civil affairs about Wally, who is a little 5 to 6 year old boy that had been living in a homeless shelter for over a week and a half. We could tell that he needed immediate help as he had been walking around in urine soaked clothes.
His father died in a car accident two years ago. His grandparents passed away before then and his mother (having some kind of mental breakdown) abandoned him. His uncle told the civil affairs he would care for him, but as soon as the money was spent from his fathers accident. The uncle wanted nothing to do with little Wally and apparently left him all by himself. Thankfully, the local neighbors brought him to that homeless shelter.

IMG_5015Nathan Bell was the founder of the Home of Hope orphanages and was also the administrator to the Gongyi Home of Hope. He lost his battle to bladder cancer this past November. He had been training Michelle and I to succeed for the past few years as the new head to Home of Hope orphanages in China. Please lift up all Gongyi children and Nathan’s family during this time of loss. Also please lift up Michelle and I as Nathan left some very big shoes to fill.

Bob and Cindy Sayre are the administrators to the Xuzhou Home of Hope. Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago that she survived. Unfortunately, the radiation used to help save her life ended up scarring her lungs causing her more damage than she could overcome. She passed away on January 10th, 2018. Bob and Cindy have been a huge inspiration to us in not only how we have raised our own three boys but all of our children here in Pingyu. Please lift up their family and all the kids in Xuzhou as they mourn such a great and wonderful Mother.

Frank and Christi Xue (Bob and Cindy’s daughter and son-in-law) have a huge heart for China and to serve these children. They are helping Bob with things in China while he takes care of personal matters in the United States.

Michelle and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and will post more about our Christmas celebrations later. We thank you for your continued support for the Pingyu Home of Hope. We are still working with the local government to the future location to where we will build our new home. Below you can see how much we have raised so far. Please help spread the word about our great need. It looks like we can continue living in our current location until after we build our new home. The local government wants us to start this March or April.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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