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Archive for February, 2010

Last minute work before the children arrive!

When we started trying to find different contractors to do the many different kinds of work that needed to be done, we realized that our building funding was at the half way mark and that we needed to decide what construction needed to be completed before the children move in with us and what construction […]

Physical Exams

Before the children arrive on the 22nd of February they needed to go to the hospital for a full body examination. So David (our translator) and I (Ben) went last week and met all 13 children at the hospital. Even though we were seeing them in the hospital, we were really excited to see all […]

Grand Opening February 27th!!!

We made it! Our move was a success. 10 children from the first Home of Hope in Gongyi helped us get everything in our house packed up and on the truck. Not one cup or plate was broken in the move. Jaxin, Eli and Tyler seem to have mixed emotions, well Jaxin is for sure. […]