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Archive for March, 2010

Time to Play

As you might know, we operate solely through donations from people all around the world, and unfortunately we get zero financial help from the Chinese government. We truly can not thank you enough for all of your prayers and financial support, without your help we could not be here spreading the love, hope and joy […]

First Day of School!!!

Soon after the children arrived we brought them to a near by public grade school to enroll them for the last semester of the year. Unfortunately most of the children are a little behind the other students because here in the city they have better teachers than in the villages so they are able to […]

The Arrival of our Children!!!!!

On March 1st we were able to bring all of the children into the PingYu Home of hope. After our delay of finding housemothers who WANTED to work here, we were very excited to call the Civil Affairs to tell them that we were ready for the children to arrive! The children started arriving early […]