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Archive for February, 2011

Lantern Festival

Our Lantern Festival was a very busy and full celebration. We started off by welcoming in (below left to right) Chris (Zhang Guang Zhen), his older sister Hollie (Zhang Guang Hui) and Wendy (Meng Wen Di). You can click the names in red to learn more about each child. As soon as Chris, Hollie, and […]

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the New Year with shooting off fireworks and having a party in our house where the children played with toys, watched a movie, played several board games and we even had a PAPER FOOTBALL COMPETITION!!! Mark (left) and Ellie (Right) playing paper football Winners of the Paper Football Competition (left to right) Eddy […]

Children in Need

With all the excitement of Christmas about, we were reminded of why we are here when 2 families came asking for our help. First was a 77 year old man and woman who have 2 grandchildren, one 9 year old girl (Hollie-Zhang Guang Hui) and one 5 year old boy (Chris-Zhang Guang Zhen). Hollie and […]