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Happy New Year 新年快乐

The Chinese New Year came quite a bit early this year. It was on January 28th…which just so happens to be on Michelle’s birthday!

For more birthday pictures, please click HERE.
想看更多的生日照片,请按 HERE

During the Chinese New Year, the kids get a entire month off school to celebrate. Unfortunately, the schools are afraid of the kids having any free time at all because they say it numbs the mind, so they load them down with so much homework that they have to work on it everyday;( Thankfully, we have 2 tutors at our home to help the kids stay focused and get it finished.
We try to keep our kids as close to their families as possible, so those who have safe enough homes to go back to and have someone who is capable to watch and care for them, we let them go back to their villages for a short period of time.
We enjoy the extra time we have with the kids though and try to fill it with all kinds of activities. Above, you can see us taking a walk on the newly constructed path they are building in our city. Its kind of a bitter sweet thing because though its a very beautiful track, its the same track that is part of the beautification process that is tearing our home down.
Below you can see some more activities:下面你可以看到一些活动的照片

Street Food小吃

We took the older kids out to see the track at night. While we were out, we saw some street food and bought everyone a snack. Emma and Gene enjoyed their squid on a stick!

IMG_9256 IMG_9255

Roller Blading滑冰


Jump Roping跳绳


For the kids who don’t get to go home, we try to make it extra special for them. They don’t have safe homes and or don’t have family members who are capable to care for them…or don’t have family members at all. Michelle blesses us with many different American dishes the we don’t eat normally when everyone is here because there are just too many people. Every New Year, she makes a huge “Christmas size” dinner. To the Chinese, their New Year is as big of a celebration as Christmas is to the Western world. The year Jessica, Shirley, Hazel and Nicky(along with her family) joined us.

IMG_9584 IMG_9586
One night she made Shepherds Pie. It was such a hit that we ended up requesting it a couple more times;)

Hanging the red signs on the door way贴对联

Took them out for pizza!带他们出去吃比萨
IMG_9464 IMG_9463

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow下雪吧,下吧,下吧


IMG_9552 IMG_9550
Catina冯秀云 and Joey王宝贵

IMG_9549 IMG_9548
Becca孙双芳 and Eli伊利亚

IMG_9547 IMG_9545
Patch(left)刘银行 and Aaron孙双旭

IMG_9544 IMG_9543
Davey冯金福 and Anna王燕

IMG_9541 IMG_9537
Left to right is从左到右依次是 Jake王国宝, Danny杨新放 and Jaxin杰克

IMG_9534 IMG_9538
Tyler and another picture of Catina because she is just too cute!