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One Busy Summer忙绿的暑假!


Our summer started off with a wonderful gift of life! John(not pictured) and Nicky (our long time friend/staff member) welcomed their 2nd daughter (Hope) into their family.

Bella and Hope are John and Nicky’s daughters!!!

6th Graders Trip六年级的旅行
Anna, Gene and Lester’s first day of Middle School.王燕、王子昂和孙李中学的第一天。

From left to right:Eli (our middle son), Anna, Michelle, Tyler (our youngest son), Jaxin (our eldest son), Gene, me (Ben), Lester and Jessica (our translator).

IMG_2445Once our kids go into Middle School, their time with us is dramatically less. They go from being home every night from school at 5:30pm, to not getting home until after 8:30pm each night. They also have to leave 45 minutes earlier each day too. With that, to say congratulations to them for trying their best in Primary school, and knowing that we won’t have much time with them, we take them on a trip. They have to help make and sell cookies and cakes to help raise the money for the trip. This year we went to the 2nd Home of Hope location in Xuzhou to play. They have a beautiful city with many sites and mountains to explore.

11th Annual Summer Camp!第十一个夏令营
We celebrated our 11th Annual Summer Camp, to read more about that camp click HERE.

Swimming Pool!游泳池!
We saved our “Funny Money” up to get a swimming pool this year! The kids had a blast this summer being able to swim twice a day!!
IMG_3083 IMG_3080Dana (left) and Gene(right) learning how to swim underwater!

Eating Outside!院子里大聚餐
We try and mix things up during meal times from time to time. This time we put all our tables together and enjoyed good food and good company!

Movie Night!电影之夜!

Getting Some Exercise!运动起来!
We try to exercise often to have healthy bodies but also to teach our children to take care of their bodies too. So when they are off school, we try to take those who want to go out for a run. These brave guys ran their 1st 5k with me. Pictured from left to right:Danny, Aaron, Frank, Thomas and Ben.我们尽量抽出时间来锻炼身体保持身体健康,同时也为了教导孩子怎样管理他们自己的身体。所以他们假期时间会带他们去跑步。这些勇敢的家伙和我一起跑了5k。图中从左到杨新放、孙双旭、朱雪峰、陈新元和本

For those who don’t go for a run we take them out for a walk to the park which is usually around 7km there and back. The dogs like to go with us too so they can swim. Abby helped walk them there.没有去跑步的孩子们,带他们去了散步从步行到公园再步行回家大约7KM。两只狗也和我们同去他们不但散步随便又可以游泳。冯静怡帮忙牵着狗。

Our cousin Hobbs led the way and as you can see, it was a bit hot outside.我们的表弟Hobbs带头,外面有点真热。

Camp Out!野营!
The kids take turns camping out. Tonight was the boys turn.孩子们轮流可以睡在外面,今晚是男孩在外面。

Refreshing Treats!新鲜的零食!
IMG_3619 IMG_3616Popsicle’s and watermelon are tasty snacks that we eat to help us stay cool. Robby is enjoying his popsicle while Joey and Catina have their watermelon!棒冰和西瓜是降暑神器。明洋在吃他的棒冰,王宝贵和冯秀云吃西瓜

Connecting Camps!夏令营联谊
IMG_3547There are many different organizations that are here in China helping the needy. The above organization puts together wonderful camps for orphans all over China. This was the 2nd time we were able to attend a camp put on by them.
The Camp below was for TCK kids. Our three boys were able to attend that camp and make some new friends who are just like them!

IMG_3952Our first 3 years here in China was volunteering at the Gongyi Home of Hope. The older kids that we met there are graduating college, getting jobs and getting married. Its so amazing to see this as it is a little glimpse into what our hopes are for our children. Above Holly and Jim celebrated their wedding (both Gongyi Kids) while below Lily celebrated her wedding with her husband.我们来中国的头三年是在巩义希望之家做志愿者,那里的孩子们现在已经长大走出大学、拥有工作和结婚了。这也是我们希望将来看到自己的孩子们也能这样拥有自己的幸福。上是Holly和Jim的婚礼(两个都是巩义的孩子)下是Lily和她的丈夫他们的婚礼。IMG_4419

Bubble/Color/Water Run!打着五彩缤纷的泡泡仗

IMG_4308 IMG_4275
Becca (left) and Ellie getting covered in Bubbles!!!芳芳(左)和冯智慧被泡泡包裹!!!
F91F802F-A6A5-4D95-86D2-777404A6282D-960-0000014D0EA2A02E_tmp 8C2E352F-02D9-4B88-B077-A47ED0DABCCC-960-0000014D0F0F013F_tmp
Ben trying to help cover the kids in bubbles while Zoey (right) shows her bubble hands!本想给用泡泡包裹住孩子们时,梦雨晴(右)展示她带有颜色的手!

AC7A7109-D665-4BA5-AEB1-7D6BEC3E0E88-960-0000014D4B0DA50D_tmp 691736CF-34D0-4A6D-923A-5B66E460A28D-960-0000014D4AFB1AE1_tmp Moses (from the Gongyi Home of Hope who came to hangout with Jaxin for the week) and Becca are very colorful!

IMG_4046Some people in Pingyu put together a charity run to help us raise money for our new building. It started off as a color run, which turned into a water run which helped wash off all the color, as you see Eli helped get Michelle in the above picture. Once we were sopping wet, they turned on the bubbles which was an absolute blast to play in. We are so happy to see the Pingyu people getting together and spread love, hope and joy to those in need!

IMG_2022Besides just for pure fun and entertainment, another reason we kept the kids so active was to distract them from the destruction all around our home. We tell them to not worry about tomorrow or what it may bring but just try to live the best they can each and everyday.
另一个想让孩子们动起来参加各种活动的原因是,不想让孩子们被周围的事情及房子的问题所影响到。我们告诉他们不要担心明天的事情,把今天和每一天活好才是最好的。 IMG_2018
As of right now, the latest we have heard is that our home will be torn down this coming winter. We are still actively searching for a new home and raising money to be able to quickly build and or renovate a new home.
Please continue to lift us up with our search, our fund raising and more importantly, that our children do not worry about any of this.
fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams