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Donate Now 现在捐献

Financial Donations by Credit Card or PayPal

To make a secure, online donation to the Home of Hope to help support our children, please click the donate button below. If you desire to do so, you can designate how you wish your gift of love to be used.

If you are interested in automatic repeated donations, as some people are, please click the “Make this recurring monthly” button

The Home of Hope Orphanage is owned and operated by the Next Towns Foundation Inc., a ‘Not For Profit’ organization as recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service under section 501C3. Your donation is tax deductible and you will be mailed a receipt for tax purposes as authorized under section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Service code.

Giving a donation in China 在中国给予捐赠

ICBC info 工商银行账号:

AliPay #:15993480124

WeChat 微信

Financial Donations by Check or Money Order

If you would like to make your donation by check(made out to NTF-Home of Hope) or money order, you may do so by sending your check or money order to:

NTF – Home of Hope Orphanage
P.O. Box 23139
Belleville, IL 62223

Donating Items or Goods

If you would like to help the Pingyu Home of Hope children with donations of shoes, clothes, toys or medical supplies, please mail items to:

Home of Hope Orphanage
C/O-Ben Godard
XiTaSi Jie Xi Duan,
Henan 463400 China PRC
Phone #-13526466046

Ben Godard

You must use both the written English and Chinese characters to address the letter or package.

Please also note that using the regular postal service (USPS, China Postal Service, etc.) is the best method of shipping. When using a private shipping company (DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.), the items are held at customs and we are charged large delivery fee’s (over $100.00) and sometimes told to travel over 600 miles to pick the items up ourselves.

NTF – Home of Hope Financials

If you would like to see our annual reporting of income and how funds are disbursed you can do so by going to the Guide Star website which is a “Non Profit” monitoring and reporting agency. We are listed as “Next Towns Foundation, Inc.” and registered in San Antonio, Texas. You can also “click this link.

Thank you for your heart and your “desire” to help the less fortunate children of the world.