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How You Can Help 你怎样帮助

The Pingyu Home of Hope Orphanage operates without any government financial assistance whatsoever. Our sole means of operational support is individual donations from mainly Western countries. We appreciate those who are willing to sacrifice each month to keep the “Hope Burning” for these lovely children!

We try not to saturate our website with needs and requests for financial help, but over time we have learned that many of our viewers and supporters like to afford financial help on occasion, so we feel it necessary to present our needs.

The government is doing a beautification project to Pingu to try and make it become a city. A part of that task is expanding the lake behind our home. 2 weeks before Christmas, we were told that we need to find a new location for our home because our home, along with everyone else around this lake will be relocated. Please help us reach our goal to build a new home for our children.

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams


We want to thank you for taking the time to read about our needs and we ask that you agree with us in prayer that God will provide all of our needs.
Click the link if you are interested in making a Donation towards one of our needs and make a memo stating which need you would like to meet, or click Sponsoring a Child to help support the children of PingYu Home of Hope.