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Summer Camp 夏令营


(Left to Right)Tyler, Eli, Jaxin

When Michelle and I, along with our 3 boys moved to China in 2007 we volunteered at the Gongyi Home of Hope under Nathan Bell’s supervision. We tried to go to the 2nd Home of Hope in Xuzhou once a month too so we could also learn from Bob and Cindy Sayre. During one of our trips, Michelle and I discussed how awesome it would be to do something that all the Home of Hope children could get together. You see the administrators at each Home of Hope treat their place and children as family…its much more of a home style living situation than an orphanage. So the idea of a summer camp came to mind…really the summer camp is more like a family reunion:)
Each year a different Home of Hope will host the camp at their Home which gives the children a chance to travel and to be proud of their own home. Our main goal for the camp is to show the children that they are not alone, that they belong to a very big family. Also to show them that what they are going through, other children went through it too and survived. It gives the younger children a chance to see the older children becoming success’ and hopefully encourages them to set a good example in their own lives for the next generation of kids.
Please look through the above right tabs and see all the fun and joy the kids have at each camp!
Ben and Michelle