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Christmas Preparations

It was Abby’s turn to place the STAR on top of the tree! Decorating our Tree! Robby! Eli(our middle son) and Aaron Graham and Patch Danny and Joey Chris and Lester Zoey and Wendy Sarah and Emma Crystal and Becca Eddy and Jaxin (our eldest son) Hollie and Gabe Robby and Anna Debbie and Kelly […]

Happy Moon Festival!!!中秋节快乐!!!

Michelle, some of our older girls (Debbie, Sarah and Wendy), and some of our staff helped to make all our moon cakes this year! They did a fantastic job!!! 笑笑,我们的大女孩们(郭倩、叶梦佳和孟文迪),和我们的一些员工帮忙做了今年中秋节的月饼!他们做的非常棒!!! Usually for the Moon Festival we have a bonfire outside, but because of the rain and the new law stating we can’t have fires in […]

One Busy Summer忙绿的暑假!

Our summer started off with a wonderful gift of life! John(not pictured) and Nicky (our long time friend/staff member) welcomed their 2nd daughter (Hope) into their family. 我们的暑假从一个美好的礼物开始!叶富强(没有照片)和聂贞(我们的好朋友兼员工) Bella and Hope are John and Nicky’s daughters!!! 叶富强和聂贞的两个女儿叶可欣和叶雨欣 6th Graders Trip六年级的旅行Anna, Gene and Lester’s first day of Middle School.王燕、王子昂和孙李中学的第一天。 From left to right:Eli (our middle son), […]

11th Annual Summer Camp 第11年度的夏令营!!!

We celebrated our 11th Summer Camp since arriving in China. This is our 8th Camp with our kids!!! We apologize for the length of this post but it will be well worth your time, and we apologize for those apple users as some of the pictures are flipped sideways on apple devices. 自来到中国后过的第11个夏令营。这是和我们家孩子自己一起举办的第八个夏令营!!!抱歉没有及时更新我们的网站,但是,这次是绝对值得大家花时间观看的,还有对于有些图片由于系统的原因,大家多包涵! We would […]

Easter 复活节

Our Big Family 2017 picture! Our family has 37 children, 14 staff members, 2 dogs and Michelle and I. Michelle and I want to give a BIG THANKS to these wonderful people in this picture, they are not only our staff but are our family! Here are the children according to their rooms. We start […]