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Archive for September, 2017

One Busy Summer忙绿的暑假!

Our summer started off with a wonderful gift of life! John(not pictured) and Nicky (our long time friend/staff member) welcomed their 2nd daughter (Hope) into their family. 我们的暑假从一个美好的礼物开始!叶富强(没有照片)和聂贞(我们的好朋友兼员工) Bella and Hope are John and Nicky’s daughters!!! 叶富强和聂贞的两个女儿叶可欣和叶雨欣 6th Graders Trip六年级的旅行Anna, Gene and Lester’s first day of Middle School.王燕、王子昂和孙李中学的第一天。 From left to right:Eli (our middle son), […]